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Circulix: redefining circular practices in fashion

The fashion industry has long been criticised for its unsustainable practices, from excessive waste to the use of harmful chemicals. However, the industry is slowly but surely taking steps towards sustainability. 

The Circulix project is aligned with the European Union's Green Deal and Circular Economy Action Plan, which focuses on transforming the fashion and textile industry to become more sustainable. The project provides intelligence and insights that help companies make informed decisions throughout the value chain, from design to recycling.

Circulix: redefining circular practices in fashion


The project recognises that implementing sustainable circular economy practices can be challenging. It involves eco-design, data transfer and cooperation with suppliers, access to raw materials, and end-of-life options. To address these challenges, Circulix offers a system for automated data inflow, which provides a real-time view of product circularity. The project also provides recommendations along important circularity key performance indicators (KPIs) to boost product circularity. Additionally, Circulix supports companies in building a circular product portfolio with their blueprint library or from scratch.

"To accelerate the adoption of circularity, we help to identify the companies' potentials along the product value chain because that's where they have the deepest knowledge and can adopt circular approaches right away," said Circulix Co-Founder Mateusz Wielopolski.

By identifying the potential for circular approaches, Circulix helps companies make the right decisions to become more sustainable.

Consumers are increasingly demanding more sustainable products, and the fashion industry is starting to take notice. Companies that fail to adapt to the changing landscape risk losing market share to competitors that are more sustainable. The Circulix project provides a practical solution for companies to implement circular economy practices and meet the demands of consumers who are increasingly focused on sustainability.

The Circulix project is an important initiative that is making the vision of the EU Textiles Strategy a reality. By providing intelligence and insights to companies along the entire value chain, Circulix helps to accelerate the adoption of circularity in the fashion industry. As more and more companies adopt circular economy practices, the fashion industry will become more sustainable, meeting the demands of consumers who are increasingly focused on sustainability.