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Flanders DC becomes the new Flemish design and fashion centre

Flanders District of Creativity (Flanders DC) takes a new path in 2023, with a renewed focus on the design and fashion industry.

Flanders DC pictogram

So far, Flanders DC has supported entrepreneurs from all creative sectors. But as from 2023 the organisation will allocate all its resources on design and fashion. Both sectors account for more than 86,000 jobs in Flanders.

Flanders District of Creativity saw the light of day in 2004 and since 2016 its mission was to make creative Flanders more entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurs from all creative sectors could go there for business advice, participation in fairs, business training or management tools. 

Flanders DC is also co-organizer of the Belgian Fashion Awards and the organizer of the Henry van de Velde Awards, the most important design awards in our country. From now on, the non-profit organization will also focus on these two sectors.

Flanders DC works towards strong and future-oriented entrepreneurship within design and fashion in Flanders and supports these sectors in their role as drivers of economic and social progress. The new Flanders DC will advise, support and bring together designers, entrepreneurs and companies from the design and fashion sector in Flanders. It will help the sector with current and future challenges and encourage innovative collaborations by offering inspiration, information, tools and advice. The goal is also to bring people together, present awards, offer entrepreneurs a platform and give them opportunities abroad.

The design and fashion sector includes: fashion, accessories, jewellery, illustration, textile, crafts, brand design, graphic design, web design, digital design, collectible design, furniture design and interior, product design, service design, social design, spatial design, systemic design and industrial design.

Portrait of Pascal Cools
Pascal Cools - Managing Director DC Flanders
(c)Tom Suykerbuyk

With a more targeted focus, we will be able to generate even more impact. We look forward to using the knowledge and expertise in design and fashion that was already strongly present within Flanders DC to help designers and fashion entrepreneurs move forward.

Pascal Cools, Managing Director Flanders DC


Flanders maintains a connection with other countries and regions that invest heavily in supporting design and fashion. In doing so, I want to see a national and international commitment to future-oriented entrepreneurship with a focus on themes such as sustainability, technology and inclusion

Jo Brouns, Flemish minister of Economy, Innovation, Work, Social Economy and Agriculture