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Introducing Refashion

A circular zero-waste fashion system

Refashion is a new approach to fashion that uses pre-designed multifunctional fabric blocks to create a wide range of styles. This circular fashion system is designed to be zero-waste and sustainable, utilising the same fabric multiple times with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

Refashion - Solve Studio

A multi-disciplinary team, consisting of SOLVE Studio and AI researchers, developed this innovative product design and manufacturing process. The process is based on a circular design strategy that addresses the reutilisation of textile fabric. The team plans to implement this process through automated planning of manufacturing/recovery and AI-aided design processes.

After three years of collaboration, the team successfully created a proof-of-concept collection called Refashion. This collection features three pre-designed multifunctional fabric blocks, which can be transformed into 11 different refashionable styles, including a top, four dresses, two skirts, a bolero, two jumpsuits, and a reversible jacket. This showcases how versatile the fabric blocks can be. Each garment can be easily disassembled, redesigned, and remanufactured into another style.

Together with the team from the Chair for Interaction- and Communication-based Systems, Institute of Computer Science, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, via Prof. Dr. Andrei Ciortea and Prof. Dr. Simon Mayer, I am expecting this approach to increase servitisation in the supply chain and thereby to enable scalable circular economies in the clothing industry - Cristina Dan, circular fashion researcher and founder of SOLVE.

The AI-aided circular design strategy is a unique approach where human creativity is enhanced by artificial intelligence. Currently, the design strategy is limited to manual assembly and reassembly of styles. Future research will focus on exploring the potential of industrialising the circular design strategy via automation and AI. The aim is to support fashion companies that intend to close the loop and create a sustainable fashion industry.