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Maribor – Increasing textile recycling awareness

Thanks to the Re-use Events, the city of Maribor is supporting its citizens to adopt circular consumption habits.

The area of Maribor is characterized by a long industrial tradition. This development was first stimulated by the railway, and then by the exploitation of the water potential of the Drava River. This is how the textile, chemical and metalworking industries developed in Maribor. Having a strong textile industrial tradition behind, the city of Maribor is at the forefront in innovating itself in guaranteeing a new sustainable and efficient circular economy in this sector. 


The city of Maribor approved a Circular Economy Strategy in 2018. Maribor’s unique governance model for the local circular transition brings together public companies for waste, utilities and public services, the municipality and the circular innovation agency W-Cycle as steering entities. Circularity is seen as an economic model for the efficient management of resources in

Maribor and the city actively engages in international and European networks to learn and exchange further. Maribor’s circular initiatives cover several sectors, including waste management, construction, energy, mobility, water, planning as well as the social economy. 

As part of the circular initiatives and in occasion of the European Waste Reduction Week 2021, Maribor hosted a 2-day public festival to raise citizen awareness and encourage active participation of circular consumption. During these days, people were asked to bring and donate their unwanted products (like books, textiles, toys), use of a mobile electronics repair station, distribution of reusable cups and ecological seeds.


Maribor is a member of the Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) and ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability. As a member of the ICC, Maribor benefits from the European Commission's initiative, which supports cities across Europe in their transition towards greener and more digital local economies through Local Green Deals. Additionally, as a member of ICLEI, Maribor actively contributes to a global network of over 2500 local and regional governments that are dedicated to driving sustainable urban development.