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Z.W.A.F.M. – moving towards a zero-waste future

Zero Waste Automated Fashion Manufacturing

The fashion industry has long been criticized for its negative impact on the environment, with fast fashion contributing to massive amounts of textile waste each year. In recent years, however, a new movement has emerged in the fashion industry focused on sustainability and zero waste. One project at the forefront of this movement is Z.W.A.F.M., which stands for Zero Waste Automated Fashion Manufacturing.

Z.W.A.F.M. – moving towards a zero-waste future

Implemented by ZEROBARRACENTO, Z.W.A.F.M., which has received a grant under the European Commission’s WORTH Partnership Project, offers hardware and software technology for automated zero-waste cutting. This innovative design technique allows for garments to be made without any waste material at the design stage. By using the fabric entirely throughout the garment design stage, Z.W.A.F.M. is not simply a productive technique but a mission aiming to bring zero-waste modelling to another level, giving the possibility to industrially produce clothing without generating waste.

ZEROBARRACENTO's challenge is to create quality items while adhering to zero-waste practices. To achieve this, the designer must keep in mind not only sustainability concerns but also aesthetics and wearability. Ultimately, excellence in all three areas must be maintained to not compromise the brand's integrity or sustainability goals.

ZEROBARRACENTO's competence is in zero-waste pattern creation and responsible sourcing, and it will serve as the project's guide, establishing the objectives, organizing and monitoring the activities, and verifying the outcomes by implementing the established system in its supply chain. Furthermore, they will identify target brands to whom they will propose Z.W.A.F.M. and develop a commercial presentation to demonstrate the best case scenario for using this technique," said ZEROBARRACENTO founder and CEO Camilla Carrara.

Z.W.A.F.M. is an important step forward in the fashion industry's efforts to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. By using innovative design techniques and sustainable materials, this project offers a way for the fashion industry to move towards a zero-waste future.

This project is supported by the WORTH partnership project, funded by the EU Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME)