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Industrial emissions and safety

Preventing and controlling industrial emissions and industrial accidents


Industrial activities play an important role in Europe’s economy, but also have significant negative environmental impacts. The largest industrial installations account for a considerable share of total key atmospheric pollutant emissions. They also generate waste and consume large amounts of energy. These emissions affect water and soil, harm ecosystems and crops and threaten the built environment.

The environmental and health impacts of industrial installations are therefore subject to EU-wide legislation, also in line with the Zero Pollution action plan.

In the EU

Over 50 000
industrial installations covered by current EU rules
Almost 50%
of total emissions derive from industrial activity


The EU aims to

  • regulate noxious emissions caused by industrial activities
  • reduce environmental impacts of industrial emissions
  • raise awareness of the harmful impacts of industrial emissions
  • contribute towards a greener industry
  • prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances

Specific policies


For questions about EU environmental policy, please contact Europe Direct