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COP 15

Montreal - December 2022

What’s at stake? Life on Earth as we know it...

Biodiversity is not only about protecting bees and trees. It’s about saving our life support systems. Healthy biodiversity means healthy people, food and water security. Nature is also our best ally in tackling  the climate crisis.

Right now, we’re destroying nature faster than ever. If we don’t change track, all of humanity will be put at risk.

1 million species are at risk of extinction

Humans have radically changed ¾ of the Earth’s surface

75% of the world’s crops depend on pollinators

Half of global GDP depends on nature

70% of cancer drugs are natural or inspired by nature 

EU objectives

At the conference, all parties need to agree on an ambitious global biodiversity framework to effectively halt and reverse biodiversity loss. The EU will negotiate for measurable goals and targets to

  • protect at least 30% of land and oceans by 2030   
  • restore 3 billion hectares of both land and oceans   
  • halt species extinctions caused by humans
  • address unsustainable agriculture, forestry and fisheries
  • tackle drivers of biodiversity loss such as pesticides, invasive alien species and plastics 
  • strengthen the links between biodiversity and climate action, for example with nature-based solutions

These targets should be supported by a strong monitoring and review process, as well as clear provisions on scaling up financing from all sources - public and private, domestic and international.

EU soil strategy for 2030

A framework and concrete measures to protect and restore soils, and ensure that they are used sustainably

Biodiversity is about saving our life-support systems. Nature is a fundamental building block of a healthy and productive planet, one that provides our food and livelihoods, and helps us fight climate change. COP15 needs to deliver a global plan to protect and restore those building blocks. Europe is ready to aim high, but we must do this together. Let’s make Montreal the Paris moment for nature.

Virginijus Sinkevičius - EU Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries
Virginijus Sinkevicius

EU cooperation

The EU cannot solve the current crisis alone – all countries need to join forces. There is high public support for for leaders to take bold action for climate, nature and people. 

The EU is working with many partners:

Biodiversity success stories

Restored forests in Finland

In Europe

Discover examples of successful nature restoration projects throughout Europe
COP15 - Biodiversity


See how people worldwide are fighting the biodiversity and climate crises

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Pollinator Park

Entertaining and educational VR-experience intended to raise awareness about the alarming decline of pollinators and mobilise global action to address it.