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The EU Platform on Coexistence between people and large carnivores

The EU Platform brings together a range of stakeholders to effectively address conflicts related to large carnivore conservation and management.

Bear and cub in forest.
© Marko Matesic
EU Platform

The EU Platform

The EU Platform on Coexistence between people and large carnivores

Large carnivore conservation and management can cause controversy between stakeholders. It is therefore important to support dialogue among all the concerned stakeholders. In 2014, the EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores came together. The Platform represents different interest groups on the EU level who have agreed a joint mission:

To promote ways and means to minimize, and wherever possible find solutions to, conflicts between human interests and the presence of large carnivore species, by exchanging knowledge and by working together in an open-ended, constructive and mutually respectful way

EU Platform on Coexistence between people and large carnivores

Platform members

The platform members are European level representatives of stakeholders involved in large carnivore management.


European Landowners' Organization logo in green letters with green leaf-like motif.

ELO - European Landowners’ Organization

Blue and white plaque depicting deers.

Joint representatives of Finnish and Swedish Reindeer Herders

Circular logo depicting archer and deer.

FACE - The European Federation for Hunting and Conservation

Circular logo depicting deer head

CIC - The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation

IUCN circular logo in various shades of blue.

IUCN European Representative Office and their SSC specialist Group LCIE – the Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe

Black and white WWF logo depicting panda.

WWF - Worldwide Fund for Nature, European Policy Office

Regional and local platforms

Regional and local platforms on large carnivores

Since 2018, an EU-parliament funded pilot project helped establishing regional and local stakeholders’ platforms in six Member States, following the same model as the EU Platform. The links between the platforms are described in the following video: