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Soil health

The EU will propose a new Soil Health Law to protect and restore soils and ensure that they are used sustainably.


Healthy soils are essential for achieving climate neutrality, a clean and circular economy and stopping desertification and land degradation. They are also essential to reverse biodiversity loss, provide healthy food and safeguard human health.

The EU soil strategy for 2030 provides the framework and concrete steps towards protecting and restoring soils, and ensuring that they are used sustainably. As part of this, a new Soil Health Law by 2023 has been announced to ensure a level playing field and a high level of environmental and health protection.

It is a key deliverable of the EU biodiversity strategy for 2030 and will contribute to the objectives of the European Green Deal.


The new law aims to help achieve healthy soils by 2050, with concrete actions by 2030. It will do so by identifying the key soil threats in the EU, such as erosion, floods and landslides, loss of soil organic matter, salinisation, contamination, compaction, sealing, as well as loss of soil biodiversity.


Previous and upcoming actions:

  1. 2023
    Commission to adopt proposal for a Soil Health Law
  2. 1 August - 24 October 2022
    Public consultation on the possible Soil Health Law
  3. 16 February - 16 March 2022
    Call for evidence ahead of upcoming possible legal provisions mentioned in the Soil Strategy
  4. 17 November 2021
    Commission adopts EU Soil Strategy for 2030


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