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European Green Capital Award - Stories - Grenoble

The world of tomorrow belongs to the youth

A special “boost” for a green start to the school year

A special call for projects named “Education green boost” was launched in September 2022 as part of Grenoble’s European Green Capital year. It is based on the “Green boost” fund that was set up to financially support the projects of local associations. This new call is specifically dedicated to funding educational projects that will contribute to raising awareness among young people of the challenges facing the environmental transition in primary and secondary schools in Isère County.

As a reminder, the European Green Capital 2022 Grenoble is a project coordinated by the City of Grenoble and Grenoble-Alpes Métropole, partnered with the Département of Isère (Isère County).

A total of 68 projects submitted by nursery, primary and secondary schools have been selected by a jury of representatives of the Rectorship of Grenoble, the National Education, the Isère County, Grenoble-Alpes Métropole, the City of Grenoble and the Grenoble European Green Capital Agency.

These educational projects respond to the challenges of protecting nature and biodiversity. They will receive a grant of up to 200 euros for single-class projects, and up to 500 euros for projects involving several classes in the same school. The total amount of the fund is 31 320€ (funded by the French Government, La Poste Group, and Bouygues Energies & Services).

One project is a secondary-school class (from the Collège Les Saules in Eybens) that will work with an association of 6 engineering students called Ré'Alizés. The engineering students will lead a scientific expedition through the Atlantic Ocean to the West Indies with a low-tech sailing ship while the secondary-school class collects data for the Plankton Planet Institute to study the impact of global warming on the oceans’ biodiversity and ecosystems. This partnership aims to educate the pupils about climate change and related issues as well as existing solutions. Alongside the exchanges, the class will build a climate fresk, solar oven, and other multidisciplinary projects.

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EU Green Capital 2022 Grenoble


Urban “European Green Capital 2022” walks

Four different tours of Grenoble have been designed to showcase the environmental transition in Grenoble and its surrounding areas. These urban walks have been offered free of charge to the primary and secondary schools of the Isère County since the month of June.

Commissioned by the Grenoble European Green Capital 2022 Agency to the “Histoires de...” association, urban walks have also been used as a support for educational projects in nine schools in the Grenoble area since September. Finally, they were offered to the general public for the European Heritage Days on 17 September.