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European Green Leaf Award - Winning cities

The European Green Leaf Award is open to all towns and cities from the EU Member States with a population of 20,000 and up to 99,999 inhabitants. The Rules of Contest for the latest cycle of the European Green Leaf Award are available here. The Rules of Contest must be followed in order for applicant cities to submit eligible applications.

At the heart of every winning city, there are citizens.

To best support and inspire you in your green transition, we would like to share citizen's diaries, stories and good practice factsheets. We hope they will motivate and mostly empower you in your daily life. You can find them here.

Winning city - Treviso 2025

With a population of almost 94,000 inhabitants, Treviso is a vibrant city, now recognised as sustainable example among small European cities.

Winning City - Viladecans 2025

Viladecans is approaching environmental commitment through a multi-level approach in a very convincing and joyful way and is focusing its whole strategy for their year as European Green Leaf winner on two main pillars: the ecological transition and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The motto of its Green Leaf year is “sharing is caring”, with citizens and local businesses involved in achieving a green transition.
Velenje was one of the first cities in Slovenia to install a separate waste collection system and has been improving waste management ever since.
Landscape Valongo Iconic Photo

Valongo is located in the North of Portugal, District of Porto and is part of the Metropolitan Area of Porto.

Landscape Winterswijk Iconic Photo

Winterswijk is located in the East of the Netherlands and provides space for a total of 28,852 inhabitants.

Landscape Gabrovo Iconic Photo

Gabrovo Municipality is situated in central Bulgaria

Landscape Lappeenranta Iconic Photo

Lappeenranta is a municipality located in south-eastern Finland with its urban centre situated on the shores of Lake Saimaa.