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Implementation of the WEEE Directive

Information about the implementation of the WEEE Directive, including data and reporting and WEEE calculation tools.

Data and reporting

EU countries are obliged to report to the Commission every year on the achievement of the targets for WEEE collection, preparing for re-use and recycling and/or recovery. Data on the achievements of EU countries regarding the targets for collection and recovery from 2006 onwards is available on EUROSTAT.

WEEE calculation tools

In line with the implementing regulation on a common calculation methodology, country specific WEEE calculation tools are available below(see instruction manual). 

Commission reports

The Commission submitted the following reports to the European Parliament and the Council in 2017.

  • Report on the review of the scope of the Directive, and of the deadlines for reaching collection targets and possible setting of individual collection targets for certain categories of EEE listed in Annex III
  • Report on the review of WEEE recovery targets, possible setting of separate preparing for re-use targets and the calculation method for recovery targets
  • Report on the exercise of the power conferred on the Commission to adopt delegated acts

European standards

The Commission has mandated the European Standardization Organization (CENELEC) to develop standards for the collection, transport and treatment of waste for all products covered by the WEEE Directive.

The standards also cover preparation for reuse. Standards can help treatment operators fulfil the Directive requirements without unnecessary administrative burden.

“Information for Recyclers” platform (I4R Platform)

The I4R platform, in line with the requirements of Article 15 of the WEEE Directive, provides treatment and recycling facilities and preparation for re-use operators with access to WEEE recycling information linked to the presence and location of materials and components in WEEE that require separate treatment.

Technical Adaptation Committee

A Committee meets regularly to ensure that the Directive remains adapted to scientific and technical progress. Access the following meeting documents, from 2017 onwards.


Workshop report - “All WEEE flows”: How can we improve information as regards collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) through all routes?

Workshop report- Workshop for Member States and for experts involved in the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials and other key stakeholders on Implementation of Article 15 of the WEEE Directive