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#WaterWiseEU campaign materials

Explore the toolkit and become a campaign partner.

Toolkit for campaign partners

The European Commission invites you to join the new #WaterWiseEU communication campaign. You can use the assets to get involved and share the message among your networks.

We know that people are concerned about different water issues across the EU and each region faces its own challenges. Being able to adapt the campaign to your local audience is a key feature of the campaign. Use the ready-made visuals and messages or follow our guidance to adapt them to the issues that your audiences care the most about.

We have the solutions – let’s use them wisely!

Key information

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the increasing stress placed on Europe’s water systems and to spotlight the many solutions available. Working together, we can change existing perceptions of water and See Water Differently.   

The #WaterWiseEU campaign was launched at EU Green Week on 29 May, and it will run till the autumn. Throughout this time, we encourage partners to use these assets to spark a conversation, organise events and align with your own communication actions. 

Are you interested in becoming a #WaterWiseEU campaign ambassador? Email EU-WATERWISEatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (EU-WATERWISE[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu) to join the EU network of water communicators and contribute your ideas for the campaign.

Toolkit materials

Campaign slogan 

‘See water differently’ is the slogan of this campaign, accompanied by the hashtag #WaterWiseEU. The slogan translates into all EU languages, the hashtag remains in English.


A 10-second campaign teaser video invites people to dive into the topic.

Share on social media or embed on your website

Or share the full 40-second campaign video. 

Share on social media (1:1) or embed on your website

Share on social media (9:16)


You can download, edit and adapt the 6 key visuals.

#WaterWiseEU - Visual 3
#WaterWiseEU - Visual 1
#WaterWiseEU - Visual 2
Image of frog, text reads "How can we bring life back to our waters?"
Image of woman in icy water and text reads "How do our waters bring us joy?"
Image of river and text reads "How can nature protect us from floods and droughts?"


The 6 key visuals are available in 1:1 and 9:16 formats.

Download all visuals in English


Do you want to use the template and add your own image?

Consult the templates

See the detailed guidance


Disclaimer: Partners are solely responsible for the content they produce using editable formats of the toolkit. 


Use the banners on your social media channels.

See water differently

Download banners for Facebook, X, and LinkedIn

Key messages

Get inspired by the key messages to encourage people to see water differently. The water crisis we are facing is serious, and its causes are complex and interconnected. While it is important to understand them, the messaging of this campaign aims to inspire change by focusing on solutions. You can add in your own concrete solutions to align with the messaging.

Download the key messages in English here or copy them directly from the list below. 

Submit your stories

Submit your stories on innovative solutions to the pressing water issues we are facing, for the chance to be featured on the campaign website.

Download the template


For any questions on the toolkit, contact EU-WATERWISEatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (EU-WATERWISE[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)