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Natura 2000 Award

The Natura 2000 Award has been won by 35 organisations and partnerships since the Award’s launch in 2014. This page is dedicated to them, in recognition of their tireless efforts to conserve Europe’s nature and biodiversity.

Our most recent winners!

2022 edition - Cross-border cooperation - Citizens' Award Winner

FLORA: Empowering conservation entrepreneurs in Austria, programme involving farmers and other organisations aimed at protecting biodiversity.

2022 edition - Conservation on land - Winner

Adaptation of Eleonora's falcon to climate change (Greece) improving the species’ habitats, its breeding areas and its food sources.

2022 edition - Socio-economic benefits - Winner

Social inclusion and managing invasive alien species (Spain) removing an invasive alien species from five coastal Natura 2000 sites.

2022 edition - Cross-border cooperation - Winner

Evaluate the dark side with the CaveLife app (Germany), allowing amateur cavers to contribute to the assessment of underground habitats and species.

2022 edition - Communication - Winner

Natura 2000 Bulgaria: New Horizons (Bulgaria) using easily recognisable species to raise awareness about the Natura 2000 network in Bulgaria.

2022 edition - Marine conservation - Winner

Fishermen and seabirds, allies for the sea (Portugal) a device that helps fisherman avoid birds trapped in their nets. A win-win solution!

Looking forward to 2022 winners' events...

Each Natura 2000 Award winner organises an event to celebrate their win. These events aim both to share their achievement with, and disseminate the importance of Natura 2000 to, local and even national audiences. Find out below the events proposed by the 2022 winners.

Upcoming events

Socio-economic benefits award winner

SEO / BirdLife Cantabria (Spain) is organising a local event at the Marismas de Santoña, Victoria y Joyel Natura 2000 site. The event will include visiting the sites restored within the project and the planting of native trees, and with participation of the NGOs that collaborated in the social aspects of the Social inclusion and managing invasive alien species application

Communication category award winner

Green Balkans (Bulgaria) will organise their local event at the Muzeiko Educational Museum (Sofia). The event focuses on presenting their winning application Natura 2000 Bulgaria: New Horizons and the huge outreach achieved with their communication campaign on Natura 2000, as well as facilitating networking between conservation and media stakeholders.  

Cross-border cooperation award winner

The German Speleological Federation (Germany), is planning an event to celebrate their winning application, Evaluate the dark side with the CaveLife app, and to promote the use of the app to a wider audience.  Their festive evening celebrating the Natura 2000 Award is embedded into a series of workshops, panel discussions and an excursion focused on gypsum karst in Germany and related Natura 2000 sites. 

2022 Citizens' award winner

Blühendes Österreich (Austria), are planning a local event to celebrate their unusual approach to nature conservation: FLORA: empowering conservation entrepreneurs.  It will be celebrated jointly with a workshop on the European nature conservation project "Bioregional Weaving Labs", bringing together various international stakeholders and local, regional and national Austrian authorities.

Conservation on land award winner

The University of Patras (Greece), winner for the application Adaptation of Eleonora’s falcon to climate change, will celebrate their local event on Skyros Island. The agenda foresees meetings with local stakeholders as well as an excursion to colonies of the project’s target species, Eleonora’s falcon, to witness their successful conservation actions firsthand. 

Marine Conservation award winner

The Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (Portugal) will organise a local event to celebrate winning for Fishermen and seabirds, allies for the sea. The event will be held in Peniche, which is the closest on-land location to the award-winning Natura 2000 site “Ilhas Berlengas”. The organisers will engage with local managers and fishermen to raise awareness about seabird bycatch as well as to demonstrate avoidance measures such as the “scary bird” device championed by their winning application. 

Latest updates from previous and current winners

Winning a Natura 2000 Award is one small part of the ongoing work of all the winners. News and updates from the 2022 winners, as well as winners from previous editions, will be presented in this section. Discover more about the events they hold, as well as about their ongoing activities.