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30th Anniversary

On March 23, 2022, the EU Ecolabel turned 30! Check out this page to see what kind of activities took place across member states to celebrate this milestone. 

30 Years of EU Ecolabel

Where is the EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels riding your sustainable choices?

EU Ecolabel SoW
EU Ecolabel - Sow - Czechia
Czech Republic
EU Ecolabel SoW Luxebourg

The EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels is a spin on the showrooms that we have displayed in the past in some of our great EU capitals such as Brussels, Paris, and Berlin. Our EU Ecolabel showrooms are a great way for people to discover all that the EU Ecolabel can offer.

This year’s “Showroom” is composed of an electric bike pulling an EU Ecolabel branded small caravan, and a friendly small ‘pop-up’ exhibition. You can pass by, gather around, have a look inside, and most importantly discover what the EU Ecolabel is all about! These different elements have been carefully chosen and designed to reduce their environmental impact. The EU Ecolabel is here to promote sustainable lifestyles and choices!

Inside the caravan and on display are some of the EU Ecolabel products and services. The “Showroom” will tour across Europe between May and October and will stop in popular places – such as cities’ main squares, at trade or business fairs etc. to showcase our wide range of certified products. From big cities to small towns, the Showroom on Wheels will meet people where they are!

Follow the Showroom on Wheels' journey on LinkedIn, and keep an eye out on this page for more content on our 30th anniversary celebrations!

The Showroom on Wheels Tour Across Europe

  1. 30-31 May
    Brussels, Belgium - EU Green Week 
  2. 21-30 June
    Brussels, Belgium - Le Berlaymont
  3. 5 June
    Brussels, Belgium - Fête de L'Environnement/Het Milieufeest
  4. 4-29 July
  5. 22-30 August
  6. 2-10 September
  7. 12-26 September
    Czech Republic
  8. 6-9 October
    Luxembourg City, Luxembourg - Klima Expo
  9. 10-14 October
    Brussels, Belgium - Back at Le Berlaymont for World Ecolabel Day
  10. 20 October
    Brussels, Belgium - Event for Belgian License Holders
  11. 28 November- 2 December
    Brussels, Belgium - European Parliament
  12. 1 February
    Brussels, Belgium - European Climate Pact
  13. 28 March
    Brussels, Belgium - EU Consumer Summit at The Egg
  14. 6 May
    Brussels, Belgium - European Commission Open Doors in the Berlaymont