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EU policies aim to protect the environment and biodiversity, minimize risks to human health, and promote the transition to a circular economy

In Focus

People planting trees and bushes


EU campaign to address the climate and nature crises across the globe.
Housing unit with solar panels amidst a green area.

The Road to Green

The European Commission produces a monthly TV magazine about the environment, in cooperation with Euronews. Watch the episodes here.

Waterfall in a forest area.

Nature restoration law

Discover the EU's initiative to restore degraded ecosystems through nature restoration targets, as part of the biodiversity strategy for 2030. 

Success stories

Collage of images: flower, waterfront, forest.

How LIFE is protecting Europe's degraded peatlands

Restoring and managing peatlands improves water retention and quality, stores carbon, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and increases biodiversity. Since 1992 LIFE has been working hard on this.

Project locations
Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland
Green landscape with person on bike, tree and buildings in the distance.

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